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Personal training

Here at EKK Gym we offer a wide range of Personal Training services to cater to everyone’s needs and schedules

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training:
    Expertly designed and focused training sessions for you to get the best possible results. Our personal trainers work closely with you to ensure you achieve your fitness goals whatever they may be. We provide safe, effective and fun workouts while using both proven and innovative methods to focus on the training fundamentals to ensure the best technique and form.
  • Semi Private Personal Training:
    Designed for individuals who are looking for personalised programs in a group setting for up to 4 people. You will have access to all the programs through our fitness app with the motivation and support of a professional Trainer.
  • Athletic Development and Fitness Testing
    Professionally designed programs for individuals looking to improve on athletic performance. You can expect the following.
    Questionnaires designed to get an in-depth analysis of your current training schedule and
    injury history so we can assign correct programs to ensure maximum results.
    Performance and fitness testing, individuals will be tested so we can highlight strengths and areas to improve on.
    Individualised programs designed to work around your current sporting schedule.
    Retesting to gauge progress and look for areas to further improve on.
  • Online Personal Training:
    Specifically designed for individuals who may not have the time to regularly see a personal trainer face to face, you will be provided with flexible, affordable and effective programs anywhere at anytime while getting support and motivation along your journey. Our coaches are committed to putting in the time and effort to help you achieve your goals and feel like you have that personal trainer with you in your pocket every workout. We provide all of this to you through our fitness app.